Digi - Tech is located in Valrico, Florida.
Owner:  John Gauthier, has been serving the Greater Tampa Bay Area for over 20 years

Where does the Personal PC Owner go for System, Hardware and Software assistance?

Tech Support.....long distance phone charges accumulate while you wait on hold for the next available technician.  Once contact is made you accumulate more phone time while being talked through various trial and error steps.  Did the problem get corrected?  Sometimes Yes and Sometimes No!

Is there another way?    Try Digi - Tech....... 

  We Make House Calls

Service Type Note Rate
Email Service Get Email with unlimited space and access to
your mail when traveling

$25.00 year

On Site Service Call Minimum 1 hour thereafter $49.00 per hour

$75.00 hour 

Memory/CPU Installation


Hard Drive Installation Backup & data transfer available at hour rate - see backup below


Modem Installation & Configuration


Scanner Installation & Configuration


Game/ I/O Card Installation


Storage Drives Installation & Configuration
CD/DVD-RW, Zip, Tape, etc 


Sound Card Installation


Video Card Installation


Operation System Installation - Vista, Win-7, Win-8


Software Installation & Configuration

$19.99 to $39.99

ISP Installation & Configuration


System Optimization Improve system performance


Diagnosis/Trouble Shooting Carry in only - minimum 1 hour

$55.00 hour

Data Backup Service System, Drives, Files, etc.
(CD, DVD, Flash Drives, Zip Disk, Super Disk or other storage media extra)

$29.00 hour

Avasta AntiVirus Installation of Award Winning Avast Software

plus cost of Avast

Virus Removal Remove virus from local hard drives only.  Additional charges may apply


Additional Parts and Labor Costs May Apply.  A diagnostic Fee of $35.00 is required for Any repair on carry in service.  This amount will be added to the total repair cost.  No refunds on labor charges.

Are your most valuable business assets safe? Ask about Data Back Up Service.
Personal PC Services:
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Peripherals Maintenance
  • Software/Hardware Installation
  • Software Training Programs
  • Speaker/Instructor for Computer Clubs

Small Businesses
As a small Business Owner, Digi - Tech understands the many tasks requiring attention.  Maintaining the Computer Equipment used to operate a successful business can be very demanding.  From the initial installation to continued upgrades and ever changing computer peripherals and software, to staying on the cutting edge of operating the business requires much of the Small Business Owners time.  Where can you find the time to maintain the computer equipment, perform upgrades, install software, and train employees?

Digi - Tech is the answer!               

We can establish regular Computer/Peripheral maintenance programs that will help extend the life of your investment.

Our on-site education programs can get your employees using the new software in a very short time.  The sooner employees master the software - the more production is realized.

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